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Bar stools and bar chairs are commonplace and provide a welcome solution to seating in the kitchen. One of the first things to consider before thinking about the design of the bar stool and that is the height. You are going to want to ensure that you have measured the poseur table or breakfast bar as they can vary in height, especially if it is bespoke. There are 2 different types of stool, the most common is a bar stool with the other one being a counter stool. The standard height for a bar stool is 76cm and can be used with most poseur tables and breakfast bars, with the standard height of a counter stool being 61cm for worktops that are slightly smaller. Once you have measured your worktop or table from floor to top, you are going to want to leave around 25cm from the top of the table down, to allow for leg room.
Once you have done this, you should have a preferred seat height for your kitchen.

Next, you are going to want to think about how many bar stools and chairs that you need. People all to often try to fit as many bar stools around a table or breakfast bar as possible. Whilst it may be tempting to fit more around, the reality is that you need to think about when the stools are in use and that everyone has room. You are going to want to leave around 600-800mm for each seat around the table, but remember to exclude leg widths and any other obstructions. One solution may be to look at backless bar stools as the removal of the arm width with help to save space.

The final thing to consider is what the bar stools and bar chairs are made out of. The questions you should ask is "how often will these stools be used?" "do I want to use these outside at any point?" or "are they going to be used for long periods". The reason for asking these questions is that the answers may dictate the type of material that will suit your needs. For example, if you are wanting to use the bar stools outside, you may want to buy a plastic bar stool. If you are going to be using the bar stools often, you may want to look at buying metal bar stools as they are extremely durable. Finally, if you are going to be using the stools for long periods of time then you may want to look at a bar stool with a padded seat or cushion.

We have a huge selection of modern and traditional bar stools in a range of materials including metal, wood, metal and more with a large collection of colour options to suit any kitchen or bar area. All of our bar stools in this collection are delivered free of charge to any UK mainland address as standard.