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The coffee table is often in the centre of the room and therefore often becomes the focal point of the room and acts to add to the aesthetic. A well designed and thought out space plan with a coffee table can completely transform the room that it is in with some even being able to give the illusion of more space.

There is a wide range of different coffee tables that both differ in design, functionality and material as well. The coffee table is a very important item of furniture to consider when thinking about your living room space. The decor and functionality should be considered. For example, if you have a modern themed living room, perhaps a glass coffee table might suit your space. If you have a more traditional or vintage style of living room, perhaps a wooden coffee table would suit your space better.

Whilst a coffee tables main purpose is to act as a table, however, some coffee tables actually contain drawers and storage so you can easily tidy books or magazines away. This can also be used for children's small toys, to provide a convenient way of giving our child access to their small toys as well as being able to quickly tidy them away.

All of our wooden coffee tables and glass coffee tables are available for a free UK mainland delivery service, with delivery time varying for each product. For more information on any of our coffee tables then please do not hesitate to contact our expert sales team who would be happy to assist you.