Cloud Twelve: A Bonding Hub for Families

Published: 2019-03-13 | Categories: Latest News

Cloud Twelve caters for both adults and children, providing a unique space for families to bond and spend time together. 

Cloud Twelve integrates a holistic spa, exclusive wellness clinic, relaxing hair salon, interactive play and learn zone, and forest-themed brasserie. It is a complex space covering three floors, yet still manages to be warm, welcoming and child-friendly.

Despite the complexities involved in creating a space suitable for children and adults alike, the designers have managed to create a building that integrates traditional and modern designs that is fit for purpose as a space for family bonding. 

Using strong colours, bold furniture, and bespoke additions, Cloud Twelve caters perfectly to both children and adults. Central to the building is the large children's play area. This is integral to the club's ideology that it is a space for families to bond and spend time together, as opposed to it acting as a getaway for parents. Children's furniture is integrated with accent chairs, creating a space for parents to sit and play with their children. The children's lavatories are fun and playful, with repurposed buckets acting as sinks and coloured toilets.

Family Wellness classes are designed to offer a variety of holistic health services. Cloud Twelve describes itself as a third space between home and work, where families can come together to relax, bond and have fun, whilst spending precious time unwinding, helping to improve overall wellness, rejuvenating body and mind.

In order for Cloud Twelve to be able to offer a space that can offer so much to parents, children, and the family unit as a whole, the designers - Melt Design Hub - had to not only carefully plan the layout and design of the building itself but also carefully consider the smaller details such as furniture and soft furnishings.

Using a range of suppliers, they have filled the space with modern and contemporary furniture. Colourful children's furniture fits seamlessly with modern dining tables and chairs, comfortable armchairs and accent chairs with arms. The forest-themed brasserie is finished with coloured dining chairs and tables that match the natural plant theme and integrate perfectly to become a space that is exciting for children, yet relaxing for adults. 

Cloud Twelve provides a unique space that welcomes people right across the age-ranges. Providing a bonding area for families to relax and enjoy each other's company, it is a complex space that is elaborate and striking, yet welcoming and relaxing.