Cool Gadgets to Transform Your Home

Published: 2019-04-16 | Categories: Latest News

You’ve decorated your home and it looks amazing, now you need something else to give it even more of an edge - the answer is cool gadgets! Technology is forever changing and 2019 is the time to bring some amazing gadgets into your home that you will not believe exist, but may soon find you cannot live without.

With virtual reality headsets being common place and AI about to take over the world, below are our 'handpicked' selection of must have cool gadgets.

How about a transparent TV? Designed by Michael Friebe it combines LCD and TOLED display technology, which means you have an amazing solid image when it’s on, and a slick transparent piece of art when it’s off, especially when combined with a stylish TV stand. Even the latest TV can look a little ugly when it’s off, but this way it will just disappear!

The future is bright - You can’t go wrong with some of the latest designs in lighting which are hitting the shops. For the ultimate retro inspired light, try the Pouring Light by Yeongwoo Kim, which uses LED lights to create a magical effect of water pouring out of a bucket. It’s certainly a talking point, and it would give any room the ultimate edge in lighting. 

Ever wondered how you could tell which switch is for which light? Sick of guessing? Get a floor plan light switch from Taewon Hwang, which is shaped like your room’s floor-plan - just click on the area you wish to light. 

Do textured walls make you giddy with excitement? - Embrace the 1960s with some amazing new 3D dimensional wall panels. Alongside accent chairs with arms or even coloured dining chairs, these wonderfully retro panels will transform your home into a modern and futuristic space which makes a strong stylish statement. Don’t like the colour of your wall but can’t bear to face a paint roller? LCD walls can be changed with a simple touch so you can have a different colour for every mood. In fact, you can even draw textured shapes using only your hand.

The future is now when it comes to gadgets, from self-sanitising door handles to ceramic tubes that transform into open flame illusion fireplaces. Gadgets are not only cool, they make use of smart technology to make your life easier and even anticipate your needs.

2019 is definitely the year to embrace state-of-the-art gadgets, and at Funki Homes we are unrivalled for stylish, contemporary furniture that will transform your space into a modern home of the future!