Fresh Ideas for Home “Upcycling” Projects

Published: 2018-11-05 | Categories: Latest News

The UK’s increased passion for recycling has stimulated a new trend for repurposing redundant bits and pieces. In fact, as long as it doesn’t rot or smell, you can find a new creative use for pretty much anything!

Wall art, shelving, decorations, lighting and a wide range of other home interior features are now opportunities to play around and devise unique, statement pieces.

If you're about to upgrade or renovate your living room or dining room, this could be a great way to save money too! Leaving more in your pocket for your dream dining table and chairs or that sofa you really wanted.

No need to consign broken ornaments or household items with fond memories attached to them to landfill.

They could find a new purpose on top of a chest of draws or take pride of place above your TV stand. That beloved bicycle could be wall mounted and strung with lights!

The internet – and especially Pinterest – is brimming with ideas for upcycling and repurposing. Here are a few fun ideas.

Crockery creativity - Shards of broken crockery can be used for garden wall art or a mosaic path feature. Teapots, cups, saucers and pretty mugs still largely intact double as a cute set of miniature planters for your patio.

Invert a teacup and securely glue a saucer or plate on its base, and you have a dinky candle or cake stand.

Half cups and mugs protruding from robust picture frames or garden walls become mini planters or an unusual clock face.

Pots and pans - These too make great garden planters, or can be used to grow herbs or indoor plants on your kitchen window sill.

Pans make creative wall art especially if you have the equipment and strength to cut them and beat them into weird and wonderful shapes. A popular project is to create a garden “robot” from redundant pots and pans, to stand proudly by your garden chairs, holding a planter. This could be an old muffin baking tray full of tiny plants!