How to Master the Shabby Chic Trend

Published: 2019-01-04 | Categories: Latest News

The shabby chic trend has been popular among interior designers for years and it doesn't look like its going anywhere anytime soon. Characterised by vintage furnishings and clashing patterns, the trend is effortlessly stylish and perfect for decorators trying to inject rooms with an aura of feminine elegance. You don't have to be a skilled interior designer to pull off the shabby chic aesthetic, it only requires some creative thought and a savvy selection of unique and timeless furnishings.

Parisian bedroom - The French-inspired shabby chic design is best suited for the bedroom, where a select few statement pieces can make a significant design impact. Focus on the accessories and keep the main furnishings like the bed and the wardrobe more understated in terms of style and colour. Vintage cushions with clashing patterns will look sophisticated against the backdrop of a cream coloured bed, while a Persian rug will provide the perfect whimsical touch you need to really achieve a shabby chic aesthetic.

Quirky living room - The lounge is a space where you can really unleash your creative side, as DIY projects are made for the shabby chic trend. Focus on decorating your walls with an eclectic mix of wall art wall art bordered with some upcycled wooden frames that you painted and arranged your self. The shabby chic aesthetic gives you an excuse to go wild with your selection of mirrors; the more varied the lengths and sizes the more authentic and jaw-dropping your final design will be.

In terms of large furnishings, no shabby chic living room would be complete without the addition of an armchair with a unique design; it's perfect to curl up into and will make your living room look utterly sophisticated.

A timeless dining room - When decorated well, this room will be a feast for the eyes as you tuck into your meal. A rustic wooden table is a perfect nod to the shabby chic trend without fear of it becoming overpowering. For those who aren't afraid to be bold, an oversized clock is a perfect accessory to adorn the wall of your dining room. For a truly authentic shabby chic touch, decorate the panels of your dining room door with some vintage wallpaper; this is ideal for adding a pop of drama and colour to a plainly coloured room.

No matter how subtle or bold you want your shabby chic house to be, Funki Homes have all the furnishings you need to embrace the trend.