Posh and Becks' £6m MansionTargeted

Published: 2018-12-06 | Categories: Latest News

Their Cotswold home has often been envied by property lovers across the globe, but Victoria and David Beckham were recently targeted by masked burglars who attempted to break into the secluded property. The £6m mansion, which is located in the affluent south east village of Great Tew, Oxfordshire, was specifically targeted by men wearing ‘balaclavas’, according to the Daily Mail.

Security on-site were quickly alerted to the presence of the three men through CCTV cameras, and soon notified the local police about the attempted break-in. The group almost managed to enter the house through a first-floor window after a ladder was left propped up at the side of the property’s main building. Onlookers say the trio were quickly chased away by members and guests from Soho House, a local club. The members-only club, a favourite haunt of many celebrities, is only minutes away from the Beckhams' country estate.

The elegant barn conversion, bought for around £5m, has nine bedrooms and cost £2m to renovate, connecting three Grade-II listed houses with contemporary blue glass. With two acres of land surrounding the property, it appears that the Beckhams are embracing rural life with this slice of country paradise. The property also includes an apple orchard, a natural swimming pond, and a 60ft croquet lawn. The Cotswolds area is popular with celebrities and royals alike, with fans including The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and supermodel Kate Moss.

Victoria and David were mid-flight when news of the break-in reached them. Sources say that the couple are ‘obviously shaken’ and hope that the trio have been apprehended and punished for their actions. The nature of their celebrity status means constant 24-hour surveillance on their home and their family, which includes their four children Romeo, Brooklyn, Cruz and Harper. David has been vocal about his dislike of the constant security that is necessary for them to live semi-ordinary lives in their family home. An insider said that ‘his priority is always the safety of his wife and children,' but the security detail can get frustrating.

The Cotswolds retreat is not the Beckhams' only property - their main home is a multi-million pound mansion in pricey West London, where the family spend the week, with sources saying that the family mostly spend weekends at their Oxfordshire retreat. The Beckhams also own property across the globe, including homes in Los Angeles, Madrid and Miami.

Thankfully nothing was taken, but if the Beckham's did return to find they needed to replace some bits then they would't have needed to look any further than Funki Homes :)