The Family Kitchen - Getting That Industrial Look

Published: 2018-11-16 | Categories: Latest News

It's all about practicality, and cooking and eating together in one space. This makes it perfect for family living, and that's why we love it. If you want to transform your kitchen into an open plan eating and cooking space that the whole family can enjoy, we have a few tips for you on achieving that homely, yet industrial feeling in your kitchen.

Wood, brick and metal - Before you begin planning your kitchen and buying tables, chairs, cupboards and accessories, you need to think about the overall colour scheme and use of materials. Do you want a bare brick look with white painted walls and bare floor boards that are colour stained? Or, do you prefer coloured floor tiles, plastered walls and aluminium splashbacks? Once you have chosen the materials for the floor and walls, you can plan the rest of the room. The good news is that the industrial look is very versatile, allowing you to mix metals, whites, woods and natural materials together.

Casual seating - The industrial family kitchen is all about daily living. It should be a place where you can grab a quick cup of coffee, read the paper or simply sit and listen to the radio. Casual seating such as metal bar stools that can be placed around the central island or breakfast bar, plus distressed wooden benches, work wonderfully in an industrial kitchen.

The dining area - The dining area should be made a real focal point in the industrial family kitchen. The larger the dining table, the better, as this can dominate the room. Opt for a large distressed wooden table with bags of character. Or, if you prefer, you could choose a large glass table in a smoky black. Both of these looks lend themselves well to this contemporary and practical style. You can then team either of these tables with coloured dining chairs to add a pop of colour to the space.

Accessories the kitchen - The industrial kitchen is all about practicality and function, with everything having its own place, and accessories play a huge role in this. Choose metal kitchen racks that can dry and store plates and cutlery. Use wood and steel shelving to store bowls, cups and other kitchen utensils. Plus, don't forget the importance of lighting, with pendant lights looking fabulous over the dining table and chrome spotlights over kitchen worktops.

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