A Super Cute Beirut Rooftop Micro-apartment is an AirBnB Hit

Published: 2019-04-01 | Categories: Latest News


Eliemetni - the Lebanese design studio - was faced with quite the task when they were asked to design the interior of a rooftop apartment in Beirut's Achrafieh district. The owner rents the small apartment via AirBnB. It has proven highly popular, as rising land costs and population numbers are seeing accommodation prices grow consistently. 

Maximising space - Naturally, off-the-shelf bedside cabinets and a corner sofa weren't a practical proposition. So the team had to design and manufacture a range of specific space-saving furniture and fittings. 

White laminate plywood was used, to keep the colour scheme as bright as possible, with fittings made from aluminium. This was topped off by a pair of beech and painted steel chairs. To avoid clutter, tables and stools are able to be folded away neatly when not in use, and storage space is integrated everywhere. 

Open plan living - With a total width of two-metres, needless to say, the effortlessly cute micro-apartment is open plan. Behind a glass door is a bathroom, complete with full shower and toilet. At the other end of the apartment, a comfortable double bed is nestled. Though with bedside tables a luxury there simply isn't room for, the bed had to be designed with space in mind. 

The raised frame of the full queen-size bed holds charging ports to keep mobiles and other devices charged. A pull out drawer, cupboard, and shelves are all built-in to the bed's frame. There are even two reading lights hanging from the ceiling.

Multi-purpose furniture - With space at such a premium, making the furniture as versatile as possible was a top priority. So the table next to the bed can double as a desk, thanks to the shelf underneath. 

Pre-cut slots in a shelf under the window can also fit laptop charging cables. The nearby cupboard offers an extra flat work surface. There is even a railing on the ceiling from which to hang clothes. Additional storage is found under the sofa bench, with extra slots for a slide-out footrest and coffee table

The compact kitchen features a mini-fridge, inset corner sink, drawers, and even a washing machine. A hotplate allows cooking, while various racks and shelving provide additional storage. 

With land becoming more and more at a premium in cities all over the world, spaces like this charming Beirut micro-apartment are only going to become more popular and more prevalent.