Top Tips for Designing Children's Bedrooms

Published: 2019-01-28 | Categories: Latest News

It's a fact that children will spend a lot of time in their bedroom, so getting this particular space right is important. Here are five top tips for making your child's room cool, contemporary and totally stylish.

1. The fun factor - For many children, their bedroom is their main place to play so creating a fun and happy environment for them is key. From the earliest age possible, involve your child in the decision-making process and find out the colours, characters, designs, furniture and toys that they would like to see in it. Think about bunk beds for when friends come to sleep over and look at options with slides and other fun elements!

2. Practical thinking - It's also important to think practically about a bedroom space, because as well as playing and sleeping here, it is also a place for homework and study. Think about how your children's bedroom furniture will make the best possible use of the space and incorporate a desk and bookcase as well so they are ready for school days.

3. Spick and span! -In an ideal world, children would keep their room clean and tidy. The reality, however, is usually very different! So help kids along by including some practical storage solutions in the space for toys, pens and crayons so they have somewhere to tidy their things away to. Also consider furniture with built-in storage such as bunk beds and desks. Steer clear of any coloured fabrics that might stain and avoid materials that can't be washed because it's inevitable that accidents will happen. 

4. A quiet corner - Creating a quiet corner or a reading nook where there is a calm space to read can often be beneficial for children - and also for parents who need a little peace and quiet! Window seats, squishy soft pillows and bean bags are ideal places for reading or a little afternoon nap!

5. The personal touch - Children love to have a place they can call their own, so make their bedroom as personal as possible. Whether it's football or a Disney character, choose a theme they love that makes it a happy and inviting place for them to be. Also consider personalised items such as a cushion or some wall art and add touches that make it special such as twinkly lights or interactive items like erasable door hangers.

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