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looking for home decor inspiration?

Bring character to your home by adding home accessories to your decor, to give that personal touch to your living space. You can instantly change the style of any room with our modern rugs, prints, cushions, throws and mirrors to get that modern or traditional vibe.

You can also add some interest, colour and character to your walls with some modern artwork. We have some very up to date prints with marble, metallics and botanicals being very on-trend, to suit most modern rooms, from the lounge to the bedroom. Mirrors are perfect and are commonly known to make a room seem bigger and brighter.

Our lovely range of stylish mirrors with metal, wood and rustic frames are finished to an exceptionally high standard and with interesting designs bring a unique look to your space. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, from full-length wall mirrors to smaller decorative ones. Cushions can update your living room or bedroom, whilst adding a pop of colour, without spending a fortune. Our great range of cushions come in trendy geometric designs along with luxury velvet and faux fur in a variety of colours. You can also finish off the room with a stylish throw for added texture to complete the look.

Rugs can be key in bringing a room together visually. Here at Funkihomess we have put together an exciting range of rugs from modern geometric patterns, stripe and shaggy to the more the traditional medallion design. In order for the rugs to complement a room, it is necessary to have a great choice of colours to choose from and we have just that, with neutral colours such as beige, black, grey and cream to more vibrant multicoloured options. We also have some very stylish designer rugs, which will make a statement to any room. 

Clocks are not only practical but are a stylish focal point in your home. We have modern and timeless designs to pick from with vintage-inspired, retro old school and 60's inspired alarm clocks along with modern style marble effect clocks which would make a great addition to any room.

All our decor furniture and accessories are eligible for a free delivery with the UK mainland. Please contact our sales team who will be happy to help you with any advice.