About Us

True to our funki name, we offer cool, modern and contemporary furniture. We simply have a love of all things mid-century which is a testament to the iconic designs that are still as popular today as they were back then. We also love modern innovative furniture and accessories. We constantly strive to find new stand out pieces to add to our site and interest to your home.

This era has influenced our website and funkihomes offer stylish furniture that will really stand out and take pride of place in your living space.

Through our commitment to detail and insatiable pursuit of excellence, we have forged close partnerships with many designers and brands that share our ethos of providing the very best in domestic furniture.

Enthusiastic about our business and passionate about the furniture that we sell, we take great pride in bringing you a wide range of up to date products which, in turn, helps to provide a great shopping experience.

So what’s different about us? Well, that’s simple, we care. We are not a big corporate machine; we genuinely love what we do. We are proud of funkihomes and hope it is a place that you will want to shop for beautiful, iconic and future-proof furniture.

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