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The most common style of light in any home is a ceiling light or also know as a pendant light. There is a range of different styles of pendant and ceiling lighting to choose from and all have a varying degree of lighting effect and when combined with different bulbs are extremely versatile so you can create a style of lighting solution that suits you and your home.

Ceiling lights tend to be the main source of light in most rooms and are usually located in the centre of the room. Not only can a ceiling light be a help to transform a room with light, it can also provide a centrepiece or focal point of the room to complement or even enhance the design and decor of the space.

There are usually two types of ceiling light, a flush ceiling light or pendant ceiling light. Flush lighting is more commonly found as a bathroom ceiling light, but can also be used as a ceiling light in the kitchen or bedroom ceiling lights. Depending on the design of your room, kitchen ceiling lights and living room ceiling lights can be a either pendant or flush lights. For example if you had low ceilings, a flush light might better complement the room, however for kitchen lighting you may opt for a low hanging kitchen pendant light, over your kitchen island, to complete an industrial look. Whatever your requirements, our range range of ceiling lights in the UK is ever expanding. If you have found a style or a particular light that may not be on our website, let us know and our purchasing team will source it and find the best price for you.

The dining room is also another room that can be complemented by the correct lighting. If you have a more traditional decor, glass pendant lights could be a great solution to give your room that finishing touch.

You may also want to consider LED ceiling lights when choosing your lighting. LED cost far less to power than traditional bulbs so will save you energy as well as lasting a lot longer than filament bulbs. LED lighting and LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular and may even replace the classic light bulbs in the years to come.
as increasingly popular and energy efficient led wall lights that can be used all around the house.

Chandeliers are a common form of pendant lighting that can be a statement in most rooms and tend to suit the more traditional decor. Other ceiling and pendant lights include flush ceiling lights that sit close to the ceiling and are particularly useful if you have low ceilings. 

Another lighting solution that is more common in kitchens is the track lighting. This type of lighting has a brighter illumination than other forms of ceiling lights with multiple bulbs that can usually be placed in different directions of your choosing.

All of our ceiling lights and pendant lighting is available for a completely free UK mainland delivery service as standard.